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Baanx CL bring digital, blockchain and Fiat money integration to the palm of your hand. With our forward-looking mobile technologies, bridging Traditional and Digital portfolios has never felt easier. The process is seamless - meaning you spend less time transferring between accounts when you want to hold, spend, sell or send digital currency.


The CL VISA Debit card allows users to directly fund their card account with cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and of course Bitcoin. Use your stylish CL card at over 40 million merchants and many more online and e-commerce stores. We give you a full EU bank account and you have access to multiple card funding options from within the app.

Our no fees exchange was built for simplicity and usability, allowing users to buy and sell digital currencies and tokens into the fiat value they desire. Our App is integrated into multiple key exchanges, enabling you to buy and sell crypto and fiat at a live aggregate price.

We are market-leading in our security protocols. Users cryptocurrency balances are protected against liquidity risk with a sophisticated HOT/COLD wallet filter; this means we only ever have up to 4% of our cryptocurrency reserves live and accessible for quick transfer, with the vast majority held offline in cold-storage vaults.